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Our customers choose The Mega Tan Lounge because of our noticeably outstanding results, commitment to caring for your skin and first-class customer service experience.

We achieve this mix by using only the highest performing tanning beds. These include the outstanding Mega Sun 7900 Alpha and Mega Sun P9 beds, which of both deliver unmatched tanning results. You’ll also find the Ergoline Excellence 800, a number one full power lie-down bed perfect for a long-lasting tan. We also provide our customers with the option to tan in our standing machines, like the Mega Tan Space 3000, which is designed to tone your aching muscles while simultaneously leaving you a beautiful complexion, and Mega Stand Pure Energy 5.0, for a beautiful comfortable tanning experience.

As well as state-of-the-art equipment and the latest tanning technology, you’ll find our staff fully trained and able to guide you on how to get the best results for your skin type and tanning aims—whether that’s tanning, spray tanning and or Vitamin D. No matter what machines you use, at the end of your tanning session you will leave looking and feeling your best.

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About our SUN CREAMS

The fact is, everyone is tanning at different rates due to different skin types. Therefore, everyone should use tanning cosmetics, that are designated to their needs. Tanning Cosmetics are essential elements to achieve the deeper, darker and long lasting tan. Many people are not aware, but dry skin will reflect the light. This means your skin will start absorbing light after 6-7 minutes. Hence it only takes 30 seconds when using the right tanning lotion. Modern tanning lotions contain special ingredients. Those will encourage the movement of melanocytes. They are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural oils. This ingredients will maximise your tan potential. They will also replace the moisture lost during the tanning session. This will keep your skin in good and healthy condition.

We like to divide skin types to 6 different stages, again, these are not limited, but most popular ones.
1 – Pale white – Always burns, difficult to tan
2 – White – Usually burns, however tans minimally
3 – Light Brown – Sometime burns, tans uniformly
4 – Moderate Brown – Burns minimally, always tans
5 – Dark Brown – Rarely burns, profusely tans
6 – Darkest Brown – Never burns, always tans

It is very important to start your indoor tanning sessions with less minutes and gentle tanning cosmetics. After a while, you can start upgrading gradually. Never try to rush your tan. As a matter of fact, people on stage one, who decide to start their tanning journey, should start with tanning cosmetics that have light consistency and are based only on natural extracts. They will support the natural pigmentation, as well as help to break the tanning plateau. As you progress with your tan and reach stage two and three, you can slowly start using cosmetics that contain, however are not mainly based on DHA (bronzer). When you reach stage four you can start using most of the range. In stage five and six you can go ahead with all range, depending on your desired result.

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