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Megatan Lounge is a tanning salon specialising in UV Treatment with the latest and most modern technology exclusive to only our customers. We pride ourselves in giving our customers a long-lasting healthy glow whilst receiving the best customer care from our specially trained staff, who can also advise and prompt you on what tanning beds and creams will be suitable for your needs. Megatan Lounge is an experience like to other and you’re One Stop Tanning Destination.

At Mega Tan Lounge, we focus our attention on healthy and controlled tanning—which means safe and responsible tanning. We aim to deliver an outstanding experience as well as results. Rather than baking in the sun for hours at a time, risking sunburn and unsightly white marks, or ending up with an orangey-streaky self-tan at home that’s hard to remove, you can enjoy a relaxing and calming sunbed guaranteed to leave you with a natural and flawless look.

For us, it’s all about safety and tanning in moderation. Our tanning services are completely controlled, meaning that you can confidently use a sunbed without worrying about too much sun exposure and skin damage. All of our equipment is state of the art, and we only use high-quality products, which is why we can guarantee long-lasting and perfect tans for all of our customers. At Mega Tan Lounge, we are here to ensure you tan in a health manner.

When you come to Mega Tan Lounge, we will take the time to understand the look you want. Whether you are someone who struggles to tan naturally or you are after a very specific tanning colour and shade, we can guide you in the right direction. With our help and experience, you will have the perfect tan in surprisingly little time. The Mega Tan Lounge expert will assess your skin, consider the tan you want and provide information on how this can be achieved quickly, safely and in a way that leaves you looking your best.

Our services

Beauty Booster Therapy

Beauty Therapy is safe natural process that requires no needles, surgery or lasers and can be used on our tanning beds.

Benefits of Beauty Booster Therapy:

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What Clients Say?

Char C
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I love going to this local tanning salon! The atmosphere, tanning equipments and staff members are all really lovely! Claire in particular, always goes above and beyond - She will take her time to serve each customer, even if other customers have turned up to the shop. She will still spend time to ensure you are using the right timings, products and equipments (stand-ups or beds). She really makes an effort to make all customers feel valued. Thanks Claire, I had a great tan for the wedding! 😀 xxx
Beth Duffield@bethduff
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Such a lovely shop, the beds are amazing, both stand up and lie down. Spotlessly clean all the time. I’ve never had to wait as turn around is so fast. Both of the ladies that work here (mother/daughter duo) are wonderful!
Ummara Qureshi
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Lola Huchins
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So happy to find such a fabulous and clean salon. Claire the manager is super helpful, she took the time to show me how to use the sun beds, I felt really pampered and she even introduced me to a great tanning cream… can’t wait for my next session.
Christy Tryfonos
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Lovely clean shop! Claire is always so friendly and helpful when it comes to choosing the right bed and cream. A true asset to the company x